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Experienced Bilingual Speech Therapy Online 

Between school, basketball practice, the science fair — oh, and your busy schedule as a parent — it can be impossible to find time to drive to a speech clinic. That's why Monarca offers fully-licensed speech therapy online, on your schedule. Available in English and Spanish.


How We Deliver Speech Therapy Services

Empower your child and boost their confidence with the gift of clear speech

parent and therapist meeting for free speech teletherapy consultation

Step 1: Free Online Consultation

Our journey to improved speech starts with a free, 15-minute consultation. During this meeting, we'll discuss case history, background information, and areas of concern. You'll get answers to your questions and we'll set a time for the initial evaluation.


Step 2: Private Evaluation

While an initial consultation provides a general sense of your needs, a comprehensive evaluation is required to determine next steps for treatment. Over the course of an hour, we'll walk through a parent questionnaire and complete formal and informal assessments.

child and therapist working together

Step 3: One-on-One, Specialized Speech Therapy

Speech therapy sessions are private and customized to your child's specific speech goals. These 30-minute sessions typically occur one to three times per week, depending on your child's unique needs. You will be given advice and exercises you can use between sessions to accelerate your child's progress, ensuring a more comprehensive treatment program.

Schedule Your Free, Online Consultation

In less than a minute, you can submit a request for a free, 15-minute consultation. During this consultation we will discuss background information, your primary concerns and determine next steps for intervention. 

Hear from Other Parents

"Miss Alex, as my son calls her, was a blessing. She was so patient with him and her recommendations worked magic. My son started with little-to-no words and progressed to surprising me with new vocabulary. It only took a couple of months. I loved the sessions and she was always willing to help or answer any questions. If you're looking for an SLP, look no further, Miss Alex is your answer!"

-Mother of 4-year-old client

"Bueno mi niño desde los 2 años mostró dificultades con el habla pero a esa edad yo creí q era normal. Paso el tiempo y a los 3 años mi bebe aún no mostraba fluidez en sus conversaciones y me preocupo mucho por q ya miraba a otros niños de su edad hablando muy bien. Busque ayuda y apareció Alexandrea la terapeuta q me ayudo muchísimo.

Ahora mi niño ya terminó con sus terapias y el habla muchísimo mejor ya tiene conversaciones completas, platica mucho y yo estoy feliz de que ella nos ayudo"

-Mother of 5-year-old client

"Miss Alex made a huge impact on my child’s speech development. When my daughter began therapy with Miss Alex, I was able to share my concerns and what I would hope to see my child accomplish from speech therapy. From their first therapy session I knew she was in good hands and I knew she would make a difference in my child’s speech development. I truly believe Miss Alex is amazing at what she does and the difference she can make in a child. I’m so happy my daughter had the opportunity to be helped by her and I know she will continue to help many more along the way."

-Mother of 9-year-old client

According to Healthcare Professionals

"As a speech pathologist who has worked closely with Alex for years, I’m continually impressed by her. Alex has always put in long hours and taken on multiple roles to become a well-rounded clinician. She is upbeat and positive no matter the situation — which is so important in therapy! As a mother, I know how important it is to find the right-fit therapist for your child. With Alex, you’ll have someone who you can trust to be an excellent clinician and a positive presence in your child’s life."
Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 10.31.47 AM-1
Courtney Kaufmann, M.A., CCC-SLP | Speech Language Pathologist
"Alex has shown herself to be a superb clinician, as well as an extremely kind and compassionate individual. I could not recommend Alex more highly for Speech and Language services"
Justin Launer, PT, DPT | Rehab Services Manager

Schedule Your Free, Online Consultation

You're Concerned, We Can Help

You may have noticed that your child's language isn't progressing or they're struggling to communicate. It's more common than you may think — language is a journey. Here are the common symptoms that we address.

My child can't accurately make sounds

If you can understand your child, but no one else can, it's more common than you think. They might leave sounds out, replace sounds or struggle with specific sounds like the letter R. We can help them be understood.

My child struggles to understand directions

Your child might struggle with basic directions. Maybe they can't point to an item when named ("point to your toes.") Or they might answer simple questions without words. We can help them understand when others speak.

My child struggles with stuttering

When your child can't complete sentences without repeating the same sounds over and over, it can lead to anxiety and embarrassment. Along with repeating words, they might fidget, blink a lot or nod their head in ways that appear unusual. We can help reduce repetition and these related behaviors.

My child hardly talks or says incomplete sentences

You might have noticed your child is talking a lot less than other children their age or has a hard time completing their thoughts when speaking. Every child is on their own journey to develop their communication skills – we can help accelerate their development.

I can't put my finger on it, but my child doesn't seem to be progressing like other kids their age

Your child might have a speech disorder, but you're not sure. If you're worried that they might need professional support on their journey to communicate effectively, book a consultation. You can stop guessing, get a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and help them gain confidence in communication.

Schedule Your Free, Online Consultation